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Interventions can be a valuable tool in helping people with addictive behavior, but they can also have negative consequences.

The support system of the addict must be on board and display a united front during the intervention process. We work with members of the support system to evaluate the most appropriate course of action and suggest the best type of intervention to implement.

Simply put, we will not try to "force" someone into a treatment program without regard to the potential for their long term, sustained recovery. The long term success rate of traditional interventions in which individuals enter treatment programs against their will is extremely low and can actually create more resentments that the addict can use as an excuse for more "acting out," addictive behavior.

Not affiliated with any one treatment center, we have professional relationships with facilities across the country. Since there is no single treatment center that meets the needs of every client, we can help you decide which program offers the best match for your particular situation.

Before you make a decision to have an intervention, contact us for a no cost, no obligation assessment. We will offer you our unbiased opinion and help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

We perform interventions throughout the United States, but will only agree to do one if we determine through our in-depth evaluation process that an intervention is the right solution and would be in the best interest of the potential client.

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