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At Joel Elston Life, Health and Recovery Coaching, we take a holistic approach toward life and health coaching to support you in achieving your goals.

We also provide solutions-focused therapy and positive psychology in the treatment of addiction issues, ADHD, chronic depression and pain.

We work with clients who need ongoing support in dealing with all addictive issues including chronic relapse, treatment-resistant clients, clients who have not found success in 12-step programs, adolescent addiction issues, family unit addiction issues, addiction intervention services and in-patient treatment referrals, when needed.

Addictive behavior does not always manifest in the “traditional addictions”. People can become addicted to situations, people, and behaviors or may just display an overall state of powerlessness in their own life, finding themselves in the same set of redundant destructive circumstances. Some people just can’t find the motivation to perform at their peak level.

We can help!